Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Equal Marriage Bill

Today I sent a note to our Governor, Mr. Douglas.
This is what I sent:

  • Dear Gov. Douglas: I wanted to take a moment and let you know how I feel about bills S.115 and H.178 (An Act to Protect Religious Freedom and Promote Equality in Civil Marriage). I know that you feel as though civil unions are enough for Vermonters and on some levels I agree, but there is a lot in a name. I think if I were coupled in a civil union I would not feel the same as I would if my union was a marriage. Also, I feel as though Vermont is the greatest place to live in our country. I am a native Vermonter, the child/grandchild/great grandchild/great great grandchild (and on and on) of native Vermonters and I believe that these bills provide us with a great opportunity to show the rest of our country that the world will not end if we give equal rights to same sex couples. It's like when we are children and our parents admonish us to "set a good example." I think that is why these bills have come before you to sign. So that our Great State can be that good example for others.

I encourage you to send him a nice personal note as well. It's easy to do: